Cherry Blossom (?)

cherry blossom, 5th floor

When October comes, flowers in my campus bloom. There are these mysterious trees sorrounding The Industrial Engineering Building. I shot the pictures when they bloom the most, it’s really beautiful. Maybe if u use a bit of imagination, it sure looked like spring time in Japan. Enjoy.

cherry blossom


5 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom (?)

  1. waw,, kereen banget,,nto!!!
    keren abis!!
    gak nyangka ini ternyata di ITB
    tempat yang sering gw lalui…
    gw masih amaze,,,
    waaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwww (bisa dibayangkan muka gw yang sangat takjub)
    tapi kayaknya lebih keren lagi kalo ada gwnya deh! hahahahaha
    cari2 foto lagi ya,nto!!!

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