5 Bulan Ngantor And Then…

Well yah, i’ve been working since august 2008. When i started, i said to myself that i want to deliver excellent performance. I tried, i really did, i’m not that lazy-happy guy anymore. But my status now is: unhappy with my own performance.

After some thinking i figured out these:

Your performance in work doesn’t determined by how good you are at solving problems, but instead, based on how smart you are in founding problems.

Imagine you are still in college, and you are having an exam. Your mark on the subject surely depends on how good you score on the exam, rite? The exam is about to start, you receive the problem sheet/paper and you see there are (say) five problems on it. You have studied hard, so you got four out of five correct answers. There you go, you get 80/100 score, and this should give you an ‘A’ mark. Congratulations.

 In the office things are different. When you receive the problem sheet/paper, it would be blank! So you have to find and write your own problems (then solve them of course). Say, you can find 4 problems and solve them all. You’re score is not 100/100, but 4. See, in the office your score is not by percentage but based on the absolute value of each problems. So if someone found up 8 problems and only solve 5, he/she would still score more than you do.

Plus, it is not only about how much problems you discover but also about how important the problems are. One problem can weight more than other problems, so not all problem counted as 1 point. Some really important problems can even score 10 times more point. To boost up your perfomance in the office , you need more than just good at finding problems, but good at finding the ‘right’ problems (this could be more important, quality VS quantity).

The thing is: who judges if a problem is ‘important’ or not? Theoritically, it is the company. The vision, mission, business process, and KPIs. But practically saying: YOUR BOSS, or maybe: YOUR BOSS’ES BOSS.

So to excel in work we need to be more than just clever, but we have to be cunning also. Go deep to understand what our boss and company wants from us. Mingle in and be one with the company to know if there are problems to be solved, as problems are the seed of improvements. So i guess, to be successful you need more than just your brain but also your mentality and maturity. that’s tough man!


One thought on “5 Bulan Ngantor And Then…

  1. I think it depends on your position. Your position now is an assistant manager, which means that you have to analyze things that happen in your department, beside supporting the operational..

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