Duo: Hiked up 16 floors And Busway Tragedy

God is good as always.

Hari senin 18 april 2011 saya tidak pergi latihan rugby sebagaimana biasanya setiap senin malam. At first, i felt bad about it because we are now in the middle of the season and the situation were pretty serious. We wanted be the champion, and we had shown some steady positive progress. The least thing we would do is to disappoint other team members and especially not the coach! Coming to a practice session is a fundamental thing!

However, the tight schedule i had plus a request from my best friend to accompany him that night made me had to skip it. Later on that night, when i got back to my apartment something unusual happened! We had electricity breakdown in the whole quarter, and sadly there was a problem with the emergency generator too! What did it mean? It meant that eventually after i had waited for one and a half hour, from 9pm to 10.30pm, I must took the emergency staircase to go up to my apartment (which was on the 23rd floor!). The hiking only lasted until 16th floor though because then went back to normal.

I felt good at the end of the night though. Because of two things:

  • Thanks to all the sport i had been doing, walking up to the 16th floor by stairs was not so hard after all 😀 (sorry guys i need to brag!)
  • Can’t imagine if i came to rugby practice and afterward still need to took the staircases 😦  !!

As they like to say: “Things happened for a reason”.

Originally when i wanted to post this story, it ends here. But on the next day something hapenned again! And it was not something pretty!!

At around 18.20pm inside a full packed busway from Bendungan Hilir to Ratu Plaza, my BlackBerry was stolen!!!!

I just did not understand why this must happened again, since I already lost my first BlackBerry earlier in December 2010. As someone without regular paycheck, losing a valuable property like that is very painful. I put it in my jeans pocket which was pretty tight and checked my goods regularly. Just when i stepped out from the bus, one foot was out and the other was on the bus platform, i checked my pocket and my dearest smart phone was not there 😦

I don’t know, to be honest, I wanted to be angry. However, when the tragedy happened I was in a state of “perenungan”. Maybe you would understand based on my last two twitter posts before the event. Maybe, it should be a good thing that i don’t have my BlackBerry now.

Yes, i need to take a break. Most times the device would distract me. Now without it i can concentrate only to things which are really matter for my life plan and those people who are closest to me. The practicality of the BlackBerry Messenger is cool, but, now it is contra-productive for me. I want to make a confession here: I always tempted to mind lots of others. Made me wonder about some girls, or some friends, and try to still get in touch with them. I thought i can replace real life interaction (which i had lost, since i am no longer working) with it. That is really, contra-productive.

Later that night i sent messages through my friend’s phone to some people that i thought i need to tell them about this. I didn’t want to tell much people about it because i really don’t want to talk about it. I told three of my friends. One is one of my closest friend so i got to tell her anyway just in case she needed me. What magical was, the other two had actually contacted me earlier in between the time i lost my phone and the time i told them the news!!!

They were surprised: “Hey Anto, if you lost your BB how could you knew that we were trying to reach you???”.”I don’t know, it was just instinct!” I replied.

Luckily one of them was actually offering me a job. I wouldn’t take it if i still got my BB. But now, without any income, how can I revive my BB? Surely i need to take the job. So then I met the team, we are supposed to develop some kind of information system for a local company. It is a good thing that now i am working on this project, i feel good about it. Being productive again is great!

This writing is intended to express the old saying:

Everything happens for a reason.

Well indeed, now i feel it is actually a good thing that i lost my BB. I’m better be without it for the time being. And how could I get the ‘instinct’ if it was not by the lead of God? Thank you God, you always know what’s best!


2 thoughts on “Duo: Hiked up 16 floors And Busway Tragedy

  1. Hehe,, gw juga pernah ilang BB dua kali jadi gw tau persis rasanya Nto.. Lucunya adalah, waktu masih punya BB, rasanya tu henpon pentiiing banget, tapi setelah ilang ternyata rasanya,, yes I can survive without it 😀

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