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Shadow Play

I’ve just watched a documentary about a massacre or a revolt which happened circa 1965-1966 in Indonesia. This thing for sure changed my nation forever.

What i see from this unfortunate even is that among millions of those who had been murdered, existed intellectuals, so it was a very deep loss for the whole country that so many potentials were discarded. It is known also that the killing was done so thoroughly that almost none of the PKI survived. So what we have now in the indonesian 235 million people, those are the offspring of non-PKI.

For it was a fact that PKI gained success, through intellectual ways. They had organizations on artists, teachers, scientists, farmers, women, and so on. That their activity were in such a way to promote human development for the grass root. Regardless the truth of their ideology, i must say that they were bright people.

I mean, look at President Soekarno’s speech in the video (you can check it below, somewhere in the film). He had a superb English, so proficient! No Indonesian presidents after him, could deliver as such. This surely a sign of intellectual level. The great old Indonesian Leaders were indeed smart people with great minds. For they succeeded in fighting the domination of Dutch Government, not only with fire arms but also diplomatic ways. Organizing social movements, and unification of the great archipelago.

Now Indonesia has gone quite down the way. Built by who? Built by the non-PKI-ers. Are they smart enough to fulfill the true destiny of such a prosperous nation? I don’t think so. No need to explain, Indonesia has many problems in almost every aspect of life: economy, education, health, security, politics, law, etc..

So remember this. We have ‘amputated‘ ourselves by killing those PKI. Indonesia is Indonesia, we shouldn’t belong to any block of politics in this world. We are here to live our own life. Yet we failed to realize that and summoned doom to ourselves.

I hope, we can now with all of our might to resurrect the lost thoughts, the lost intellectuals, the lost spirit and deed of those who were truthfully there for the sake of the people.

*Please check below links, to have a better context of this post, thank you.

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