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Students and their role of securing a sustainable future

Originally published for bursary application of ISES 2013

1)      Why do you want to attend ISES 2013?

Coming from Indonesia, I am feeling more and more proud about my country because of its economic growth. However, I understand that this growth at the end of the day relies itself on the energy supply. My interest about the energy sector naturally manifested itself since my childhood because my father works in Oil Company and every day en route to my school I passed a refinery. I spent three years working in a Fast Moving Consumer Goods industry as an assistant manager for logistics operation where my conviction about the importance of energy supply was proven. Electricity black outs to power our factory and the uncertainty of fuel price often hurt our profitability.

Currently, I am finishing my master program and working on a thesis about recovering flare gas for alternative fuel supply with a case study in a remote area in Indonesia. The thesis is in cooperation with Wärtsilä Oil and Gas Systems AS, an engineering company in Bergen. I am one step closer to my personal objective of developing more sustainable energy source for my country. I believe this is a way to contribute to the prosperity of Indonesian people.

I want to attend ISES 2013 to meet people who are highly interested in securing energy supply for the future generation. Those who come from broad backgrounds yet share the same passion. This in return will strengthen my network capital in enabling more sustainable energy investment in Indonesia. I hope to be a part of a community that can provide innovative solutions for the global energy issue, taking into account that sustainability must be ensured at any price.

2)      What do you feel is the role of students in transitioning the world to a sustainable energy future?

The problem is most of the students learn from what the teacher/professor teaches them. By this way, poles of expertise are created with each ones facing different directions. This opinion is originated from my observation along the way of my studies where I see a group of researchers who focus on renewable energy and will try everything they can to substitute fossil fuel for good, while at the other side some people are trying their best to discover better ways to explore oil and gas.

I believe students should do more than following the lesson they have in class. Students should take it further by deciding themselves what is good for the future, and utilizing their knowledge in a way which was unimaginable before. Students should influence the society and industry, not the other way around.

This can only be realized through a medium that places students as the main actor. I believe ISES is the perfect example of such medium. Here many students with different backgrounds will interact within a progressive ambiance, exchange of visions will take place, and in the end all the participants will be aspired and able to act accordingly towards a sustainable future.


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